A global view

We have spent our lives watching and recording the world, humans and other animals, land and sea. Here are a few glimpses of some of the ways we have told those stories.


Shooting treatment and final narration script by Michael Parfit. It’s still being shown, and is one of the 10 highest grossing giant screen films of all time. 

Call of the Baby Beluga

 “An eye-opening documentary . . . . Wonderful aerial photography and underwater recordings provide insights into the tactile, chatty nature of beluga societies.”   —Australia’s The Age newspaper

Shown on CBC in Canada and globally on Nat Geo Wild.

Letters from the Forgotten People

Long before today’s uproar over human migration, we covered it for National Geographic magazine. At a refugee camp in Tanzania, we were so moved by the refugees’ plight that we started filming with a pocket camera. The film, our first, was broadcast on several PBS stations. We still remember their faces.


The Whale

Narrated by Ryan Reynolds. Critic’s pick at The New York Times and The Washington Post. Shown theatrically in the United States, Canada and Australia.

An engaging contribution to our evolving understanding of other species’ emotional lives — The Los Angeles Times


Saving Luna

25 festival and industry awards around the world.

Deeply philosophical. Moving. Far more affecting than anything Hollywood could serve up. — Joe Clay, The Times, London

All the Time in the World

Film by Suzanne Crocker, edited by Michael Parfit

It’s an engrossing nature documentary — of human nature.  The Globe and Mail

Audience Award top 20, Hot Docs 2015

South Light: A Journey to the Last Continent, by Michael Parfit 

New York Times Notable Book of the year, 1984

“[T]the first, I think, to convey the unearthly beauty of the place and the exhilaration of simply being alive that takes hold there. The New York Times

Inuit Dreams

Four-part news-feature series for National Geographic Today, National Geographic Channel – US