The works

From concept to delivery, on time and on budget

Mountainside Films has the equipment and the skills to take a project of any size from start to finish. This team has repeatedly satisfied the demanding quality control requirements of global distributors, including PBS International and Earth Touch, and films finished in our studios have been broadcast worldwide and shown in the most modern theatres in the United States, Canada, and China. Each team member works with the singular intensity of an individual crafts person, but we love the ability that engaged collaboration gives us to see our creations rise to the heights of creative achievement that solitary work in this field can seldom attain. We love the detailed, interwoven process of filmmaking as much as we love the finished product, and it shows. 

Concept and planning

Suzanne Chisholm has successfully planned and managed expeditions and media projects on six continents.

Michael Parfit has writing awards in print and film, and has often recognized vital stories before they were widely known, such as steroid use in sports, global warming, and human migration. 

David Parfit has planned innovative events and art as both a filmmaker and interactive artist.

Equipment: Portable and high-end computers, multiple backup systems.

Production:  Camera and sound

Michael Parfit, DP, has photography awards and drone skills.

Suzanne Chisholm has camera talent and legendary field organizational skills.

David Parfit has camera talent and extensive experience in location sound for feature films and documentaries.

Equipment: Sony Fs7, drones, Panasonic GH5s, GoPros, stabilizers, all necessary sound gear for the field

Production: Logistics

All team members have small-boat operator certificates and experience

Michael Parfit is a pilot with hundreds of hours flying in remote locations. 

All Team members have worked in remote sites, including the Arctic, the Antarctic, the Amazon, Africa, the Australian Outback, the Yukon River, and the Andes.

Equipment: Inflatables, a 20-foot all-weather boat, a long-range Cessna TR182 aircraft (which can significantly reduce remote charter costs)

Post production

David Parfit, who earned a masters in music technology from New York University, has 15 years of practical experience, has won awards for composing and is in high demand as a sound designer and mixer.

Michael Parfit has edited film for 15 years, is a competent colourist in DaVinci Resolve, and understands all phases of quality control.

Suzanne Chisholm’s organizational and personnel management skills are highly attuned to budgets and deadlines.